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FIFA 17 Community Week Offers Direction

FIFA 17 Community Week is expected to run from April 22nd until April 29th 2017, with various offers available throughout. These offers will likely include daily tournaments, daily pack offers and a free FUT Draft token pack! Full offer details and our analysis on how this promotion may affect the FUT transfer market can be found below.

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We’ll be updating all the promotional offers as they become available!

Market Crash

Historically, there is a slight decline in player prices throughout the duration of the FIFA Community Week promotion. At the end of this period a temporary recover is evident, but we’re talking small margins here. It is important to take into account that player prices gradually decrease overall from the start of a FIFA title, until the next title is released. Selling before FIFA 17 Community Week begins and buying back at its conclusion should fetch you small profits, but we wouldn’t necessarily jump on this opportunity. Let’s just say that there are better opportunities throughout the FUT calendar for you to make FIFA coins. Trading in general would be a far more opportunistic use of your time.
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