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Argentinian Restaurante in Amsterdam

Since 1982 we are the best Argentinian Restaurante in Amsterdam on the Main for Argentine steaks, Argentine wine and: more. Come and feel the Argentine life style in Amsterdam!

Grill Steackhouse Maya in Amsterdam -


Delicious Argentinian steaks, delicate Argentinian wines and something more!
District Grill Steakhouse Maya is really a typical Argentinean restaurant in Amsterdam and is a warranty for top class Argentine steaks and best Argentine wines. Then there is a lot more. For decades, our restaurant has been an integral part of the restaurant offer in Amsterdam, with a lot of guests and also the best reviews. Not without reason.
In the middle of the Main metropolis, within the beautiful district of Leidseplein, get ready to enjoy original Argentine specialties. Argentine steaks, which is, Argentine steaks a la parilla, obviously! Many of them, by the way, are the most useful steaks in Amsterdam and at night city limits.
Our your meals are always fresh, handmade and residential created using ingredients completely from Argentina.

“Very nice ribs”
Reviewed 16 June 2016
Great ribs. Price was great for the quality and you will find some more affordable options also. Staff are helpfull and friendly. Just has Argentinian wines which can be Ok.

“Best Argentinian Steak House”
Reviewed 07 August 2014
OK, therefore the waiter is a touch such as the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld, however when your steak is cheap and so damn good i suppose you really can afford to have a little attitude... i am visting Amsterdam for Ten years now, and each time i make sure i press upon Argentinos for a filet or sirloin steak at least two times. Their cuts of beef are awesome and cooked flawlessly - no sauce needed! The turnover is high... the services are not for "Food Snobs" used to having their behinds cleaned for them by staff, nevertheless it doesn't bother me, a waiter is there to take my order and serve my food not pay back me pleasantries - i'm there for great steaks with a reasonable price...
choose a side of fried onions with your steak!
Visited September 2011

“Good meal near the action.”
Reviewed 17 June 2012

For whatever reason there's a thousand Argentinian restaurants in Amsterdam, so it is tough to choose. We chose this one on sight as it looked busy coupled with nice decor and gave us a good look at the trail. The staff were very friendly and also the service was very prompt. Both of us ordered a steak special for 11 Euros which came with a little steak, salad and fries, also it hit the location.
For additional information about steakhouse Amsterdam have a look at this useful net page: read here
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