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Instagram vs Twitter, the Better Deal for Small Business Owners

Granted going head to head with the big guys always ends up with the small company getting lost in the marketing blitz; well, that was old news for Instagram has managed to upend that myth on its head. While social media platforms like twitter and Facebook have made it possible for business owners to reach out and engage with their customers directly, Instagram has evened the playing field and has made it possible to small business owners to compete more effectively with their peers. Today, you can opt to buy real active Instagram followers and get the ball rolling from day one. But here’s to taking a closer look at Instagram vs Twitter and to see which is better suited for small business owners.

Numbers matter: If it was all a question of numbers, then Instagram would be the latest blockbuster and twitter, a second grade B movie. This is not to imply twitter is bad for marketing, rather that when it comes to growing popularity and growth, it is nowhere in the picture. According to tech crunch, Instagram currently boasts of nearly 700 million active users, a sharp increase of 200 million over the last 6 months.

Story boards: Instagram makes it easy for you to tell your story via effective images and other media unlike twitter. This makes it easy for small companies to utilize some of the latest features of Instagram such as the ability to post multiple pictures and images and to connect with and engage with prospective customers. While twitter has its own features which some companies are able to leverage effectively, it is no match for Instagram for the simple reason that pictures make a more evocative story board and as a result, Instagram users are able to engage much more with their customer base.

Shop now: Instagram comes with a “shop now” button now which makes it possible for any user to purchase directly from your post; this can make all the difference between landing a prospective customer or just tweeting repeatedly. This is why as a small business owner, you can opt to buy your Instagram followers and get more bang for your buck. With more followers, you should be able to get more visibility and market your products and services better.

It must be apparent why Instagram is indeed better than twitter, when it comes to marketing especially for small business owners. You can buy instant Instagram likes on Instagram as it can help you gain more credibility and visibility in the long run. And quite frankly, from the way it is shaping up, it looks like there is no competition as Instagram is fast growing into a premier social media platform, and enabling small business owners to go head to head with the big guys more effectively and snag prospective customers at the end of the day.
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