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VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System Starter Kit

VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System Starter Kit

With mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping on the rise, an increasing number of manufacturers have offered devices catering toward this group. However, one of the advantages of the analog platform is compact discretion. Few MTL vaporizers have delivered the combo of small size and incredible power, until the voopoo vape System Starter Kit came along!

In short, the VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System is a miniature dynamo. This is an almost-astonishingly small vaporizer, measuring at 1.43 inches at the tallest and 0.59 inches at the widest. In other words, this is one of the few devices in the vaping retail market which can fit well inside the dimensions of your palm.

Not only that, VooPoo engineers incorporated premium-grade construction materials into the Drag Nano Pod. Expertly crafted with a specialized zinc-aluminum alloy, the Drag is hardly one in terms of weight, tipping the scales at a very scant 1.94 ounces. As such, you can wear the Drag around your neck, which many people have chosen to do.

Of course, one of the questions that come with a smaller-than-average vaporizer is functionality and capacity. Obviously, a larger-bodied device can incorporate more features and options into their system. But if you’re worried about missing out on valuable performance metrics, don’t! The VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System Starter Kit is wickedly engineered to deliver everything you want out of a compact MTL vaporizer.

Integrated within the VooPoo Drag Nano is 750 mAh battery, which sustains enthusiast with reliable, consistent performance. With this advanced power plant, you can expect to enjoy almost 350 puffs on a single (full) charge. Furthermore, the Drag Nano’s battery charges very quickly: we’re talking about an hour before the device is fully replenished.

An added convenience for the VooPoo Drag Nano is its battery-life indicator. When you have more than 60% or more life left, the Drag Nano emits a green light. In a range between 20% to 60%, the light turns blue. Finally, anything below 20% shows a red light. To avoid overstressing the battery, the Drag Nano Pod will automatically shut down if the red light flashes 10 times.

A profound feature within the vaporesso vape System is the groundbreaking GENE.Pod Chip. Underlining VooPoo premium vaporizers, the ability for engineers to integrate this advanced platform into the compact Nano is truly remarkable. And as you might imagine, this dynamo produces astounding results.

First, VooPoo Drag Nano Pod utilizes a brand-new technology called Intelligent Cold Boot Mode. Essentially, enthusiasts receive the same quality vape on the first hit that they do on their last. This way, there’s no “breaking-in” period associated with the Nano Pod. This level of consistency is unparalleled, especially within an ultra-compact vaporizer.

Second, the quality of those vapes, particularly for the MTL connoisseur, is both delectable and awe-striking. Thanks to the Nano Drag’s 1.8-ohm resistance atomizer coil, traditionalists can enjoy succulently tight draws, and rich, robust throat hit. Nothing mimics the analog platform quite like this Nano Pod. And now, it’s just as compact and portable!
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