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Wrench brings its door-to-door auto repair service to greater LA

Wrench brings its door-to-door auto repair service to greater LA

No worries. Wrench can send a mechanic to your home, workplace or anywhere else that’s convenient. The Seattle-based company provides automotive house calls for both private vehicle owners and businesses with vehicle fleets. Wrench already unveiled its app-based service in Orange County, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Texas and now it’s being expanded into the greater Los Angeles area.Start switch for auto-door system

Customers access the Wrench app and explain what they need done — or at least what they think they need done. Then they book a time and place and set an appointment. After the mechanic shows up and does the work, the billing is processed and they receive a service report.

“We handle 85 percent of the things you’d normally take your car in for,” said Ed Petersen, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “That could be everything from oils changes, brakes and tune-ups, to water pumps, fuel pumps and timing belts. We even replaced an axel in one customer’s driveway.”dealership. He figures that will resonate with busy Angelinos. But in a region as big and diverse as the greater Los Angeles area, it’s going to take some manpower to make it happen.

“The greater L.A. area is really like several markets,” he said. “We’ll have to bring on at least 50 mechanics over the next few months.”

The company vets its mechanics carefully. They are Automotive Service Excellence-certified and nearly all of them work full-time for Wrench.

“We take a little while longer to find mechanics who are the right fit for us, but we have very low turnover,” Petersen said. “When you think about it, it’s a very skilled position. You can have wildly complicated things to deal with. We really have two customers — the person who owns the car and the person who takes care of the car.”Mike Moran turned to Wrench when he needed the brakes repaired on his 2006 Volvo V70 station wagon.

“They were squeaking and grinding,” the 47-year-old San Clemente resident said. “I set up an appointment and the mechanic came out the next day. It was convenient and it only took about an hour and a half.”

The Wrench mechanic replaced his front rotors and brake pads for around $400. And the best part? Moran never had to leave home.

“It was great because when you go to a repair shop you’re pretty much guaranteed it will be a full day, no matter what,” he said. “With this service, I didn’t have to have my wife pick me up or call an Uber.”
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