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Dust Extraction Systems

Dust Extraction Systems

Do dust and smoke heavily affect your daily working processes? Do you look for an air cleaning system removing unpleasant and harmful emissions?The ASD equipment series covers a wide range of mobile and stationary air cleaning units of many application classes.industrial dust extraction units

This counts for all grinding, cutting, milling, and polishing as well as powder filling processes. All to be found in many producing and handcraft industries as well as laboratories.What do users expect from air purification technology? Primarily, such systems must meet various requirements to guarantee minimal maintenance effort, health protection, and high quality of work. This includes:

● Complete removal of all airborne contaminants, incl. coarse and fine particulates.
● Incremental filtration: Utilization of prefilters for coarse particles (sedimentation dust > 10 µm) to avoid premature saturation of fine dust/particulate filters (for particles < 10 µm) and adsorption filters.

● Adaptation to relevant contaminants: An extraction system must absorb all particles, vapors, and gases. Therefore, the capacity of the filter media must be adapted to the emitted amount of particles. For example, a large amount of coarse dust requires high-capacity filters to avoid too frequent replacement. Too low saturation conditions lead to extremely high maintenance efforts for the air cleaning system. On the contrary, if fine dust is largely produced, coarse filters may have low capacities.

● Adaptation to work places: In large production plants, attributes such as ‘space saving’, ‘mobile’ or ‘silent’ do not matter. However, such characteristics are welcome at individual and manual workstations. Air technology must not be annoying – it should never disturb work routines, neither physically nor acoustically.
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