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The importance of zinc die casting in automotive industry

The importance of zinc die casting in automotive industry

The process of zinc die casting is highly popular for making parts in building and industrial fields, but its most common application is in automotive industry. In fact, cars have different parts that can be crafted through die casting, so much so that the modern process of die casting originally started for automotive industry.aluminum die casting manufacturer

With casting process there is often no need of further machining after casting: not only its accuracy is up to 99.8%, but casted products also can be used raw, since they have a pleasant finish. Zinc die casting usage is almost 28% in automotive industry, followed by building and hardware sectors.

Zinc has become one of the most important metals in automotive parts industry, especially for products like door lock housing, pawls, retractor gears and pulleys in seat belt system, but also for the camshaft and sensor components. By using this metal and its alloys, it is possible to reach a strength, ductility and malleability that will not be possible with other materials.

Moreover, zinc can be the right choice to obtain high quality aesthetic components, with strict tolerances impossible to achieve with other materials, and to obtain embossing and grooves for mechanical or gear components.
As said before, automotive industry is the most common application of die casting: by using zinc and its alloys is possible to produce components capable of reaching high aesthetic quality , with strict and narrow tolerances for shapes morphology. Zinc alloy is also used for plating purposes because of its many benefits, such as enhancing the already impressive anti-corrosion zinc properties.
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