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Advantages of Corrugated Packaging

The advantages offered by the use of industrial corrugated packaging are of different types

Corrugated cardboard is a strong but lightweight package ghanaschoolsnet(.)com/events/webminar-on-plywood that prevents accidents. Even if a parcel can fall at a given moment, its lightness prevents the accident from becoming a damage for the operator who works.

Unlike the use of other packaging materials, such as wood, there are no splinters or harmful elements that can cause workplace accidents, which makes the protection of employees safer.

Its lightness is also a factor in preventing occupational risks because it allows operators to work with packages without having to move large amounts of weight and prevents injuries. Even when it comes folded, its assembly is simple and harmless for the health.

Of course, corrugated cardboard is cheaper than other materials, but it retains the same protective properties. That is, it does not lose the main feature required of a package in terms of product safety because it is more economical.

Thanks to its light weight, it is cheaper to transport because it weighs less, which saves fuel.

Another economic benefit is that it can be delivered to the folded customer sportsblog(.)com/smithtech/packaging-advantages-and-disadvantages/, which also saves space in storage management and logistics. The space is optimized.

The corrugated cardboard makes it possible to arrange the interior in different materials. Even in cardboard, which facilitates its recycling and recovery. And it's always light and protective.

It saves space because it can be delivered folded and once discarded, it recycles quickly and takes up no storage space.

It also allows for the introduction of tracking and traceability elements that control goods and optimize the flow of incoming and outgoing materials. The integration of RFID cards, anti-tippers or traffic management information helps companies to better manage their logistics and It is easy to recycle and is a biodegradable material. In addition, the pulp used for industrial corrugated cardboard comes from recycled paper and cardboard, help(.)tenderapp(.)com/discussions/suggestions/48515-why-does-your-company-need-a-postage-meter thus avoiding the felling of new trees.

Thanks to its ease of recycling, it minimizes the production of waste.

Not to mention that cardboard is a non-polluting element, easy to eliminate and recover.
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