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The Truth Behind The Integrity Of George Washington And Abraham Lincoln

President's Day is a legal holiday on the United States. This day commemorates the lives of our first president, George Washington, and our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. Both of these men were born during the month of February. Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were known as men of integrity. There are even stories, based on the truth but exaggerated over the years, which tell of their deep commitment to honesty. It is said that George Washington chopped down his father's cherry tree when he was very young. When George's father asked him what happened, he answered that he could not tell a lie, and confessed to the act. Abraham Lincoln worked at a small country store when he was young, long before becoming a lawyer and going into politics. The story told about Lincoln was that he walked several miles to a customer's house after work one day, just to return a small amount of money the customer had left behind. I am a Rotarian. Rotary is an international service organization. Among many things, Rotary is responsible for eradicating polio in all but a few remote parts of the world. Our organization is based a something we call the four way test. The first test we hold ourselves accountable for? Is it the truth? So as you enjoy a day away from work on President's Day this year, be sure to ask yourself what part honesty and integrity play in your life. Answer yourself truthfully, because all truth begins with what you tell yourself.

In the past three years I've read a blog regarding on political blogs and I feel like they have really enhanced my understanding of current events. We live in such a conservative society that much of the real news of what is going on is censored by the mainstream media. Unfortunately, political blogs don't have the budget to do some of the things that the more mainstream news outlets do. They cannot have correspondents all over the world, for example, ready to report any event that happens. News analysis is a valuable service, and one that is completely neglected by the mainstream media. Thanks to political blogs, we can get beyond the the facile analysis provided by most of the news pundit shows. But, of course, the problem with personal blogs is that they do not have the same standards of proof as some of the media outlets do. While most political blogs are at least as dependable as Fox news, when they are compared to legitimate media outlets, many of them falls short.

This is why have to pick and choose carefully when you are reading blogs. Anyone can write anything they want on a political blog, and it is very hard for someone to call them on it. Well, no matter what your political affiliation is, it probably isn't represented by the mainstream media. By trying to please everyone, the media like the political establishment it has come to serve pleases no one. For most Americans, until recently they just had to put up with this situation. Until the invention of political blogs, there was simply no good news analysis that didn't try to tow a moderate party line. No matter what ideological position you are coming from, you can find a political blog that is written for you. As we look on the other side. You like the Democrats, the liberal candidates. According to Webster's, these liberals are tolerant, broad-minded and favor reform or progress.

Hey, what's not to like? Now for other liberal connotations. If you favor the liberal politician, does this mean you abide by Webster's thesaurus and give your vote to the radical, wide-awake and rational candidate? However, if you are to rely on the dictionary and thesaurus, one who favors conservative politics might be fearful and unimaginative. On the other hand, a conservative politician might be imbued with characteristics more favorable, such as one who is moderate, traditional and conventional. What does it all mean? When you also consider that the opposing parties hurl these labels like weapons and slurs against their opponents, you find that these words don't stand up to a dictionary. No wonder it's considered bad manners to discuss politics. Unfortunately, whether you are a supporter of conservative politics or liberal politics, you need to thoroughly read between the lines of political speeches and assess the candidates' worth on what they say in no uncertain terms. Or is that an oxymoron? The reason for this is as simple as the issue it raises is complex. More constant definitions of liberal and conservative inform that, simply put, a conservative believes in maintaining the status quo while a liberal believes in changing it. After all, free speech is a right, and posting on the Internet is simply an extension of that right. People have just as much right to blog political fiction as fact, and rumormongers abounds. As always, it is up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, none of the candidates seem to be caught saying the same thing twice. Positions can change at the drop of a hat. In the end, the labels essentially are meaningless.

Some men are born into royalty; others take it by force after years of battle. Agustin de Iturbide, the first Emperor of Mexico, did neither. His motivations for declaring himself monarch of the newly independent nation are mysterious; some argue that it was a last-ditch attempt to save a nation, and others saw it as an opportunistic power grab. As Emperor, Iturbide’s sovereignty extended over almost all of Central America, right down to the northern parts of Panama; it also stretched northward over several modern U.S states, including California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada. Right from the start, the monarch was consumed with controversy. Unhappy with the betrayal were the republicans and the peasants; their hopes for a free and democratic republic were dashed when Iturbide became Emperor. The noble class soon tired of Agustin after he finally won over their support; his self-appointment as emperor was a serious break with colonial tradition.
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