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Is Gambling Online Legal?

Asking whether or not gambling online is legal is a great question, and one you should be asking if you’re planning on getting involved with an online sportsbook. Knowledge is power and understanding the commitment that you’re making at any time is important. The long and short of it is that you’re generally safe with most recognized sportsbooks.

is gambling online legal?
The term you’ll most often hear is “grey area”, which is where online gambling currently resides in the world of law. Individual players being prosecuted or convicted is exceptionally rare. In the instances where individual players are processed through the legal system are often tied to other activities, such as money laundering and fraud.

We do not condone or endorse these types of activities on our site, nor do any of the sportsbooks we use or recommend ourselves.

No American citizen has been prosecuted simply for placing wagers online. It is, in fact, legal for you to place bets online. Some states have specific laws prohibiting online gambling so you must be aware of the laws that effect your place of residency. As a player, this is part of your responsibility.

Typically, as long as you’re playing with your own money, you’re in that grey area which has been safe for millions of online gamblers for many years.

Sportsbooks today are monitoring their extensive, encrypted security networks 24/7 to ensure player’s safety.

Ultimately it is up to the player to understand the laws of the country they call home. Sportsbook are doing everything within their power to ensure your safety and privacy so that you can enjoy your online gaming experience.

Bet365 Bonus Offers

Bet365 is one the oldest and most respected UK based gambling providers which has been around since 1974. These days Bet365 operates exclusively online, and while they got their start as a main street bookmaker, today they operate a full suite of gambling products which include an online poker room, online casino, online sportsbook, games site and a bingo room all from a single domain name. was not the first company to go seamless (integrating all their different gambling products under single player accounts) however they are the first that has decided to offer players a sign up bonus on each and every product they offer.

For example, if you already have an account at Bet365 poker, you can still get a sign up bonus at Bet365 Bingo or their other products, even if your first deposit to this additional product is simply a transfer from one Bet365 product to another.
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