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What are New in the Norton Antivirus 2020?

When it comes to providing excellent protection to your personal and professional data, then ‘antivirus software’ strikes first in mind. The antivirus software is designed specifically to offer excellent protection against viruses, malware, threats, and ransomware. Norton Antivirus is known for providing comprehensive defense against unwanted bugs. By keeping the advanced threat in mind, Norton antivirus is now updated with a new version that offers advanced protection to your device. In this guide, we will discuss the features that are new in the Norton Antivirus 2020. Call on Norton Support Number UK for exact information regarding the Norton antivirus 2020 updated version.

The updated Norton Antivirus 2020 has:
• PEP (Proactive Exploit Protection)
Proactive Exploit Protection is one of the necessary benefits of Norton Antivirus. It is actually a computer framework that is designed specifically to safeguard Windows OS against “Zero days” attacks. These cyber-attacks will actually target vulnerabilities in Windows and its OS to make productive ground for hackers.

• Smart-Two Way Firewall:
The main purpose of Norton is to provide Smart- Two Way Firewall which safeguards both External Traffic as well as Internal Traffic. It also offers excellent defense against both the outgoing and incoming traffic. Sometimes, the traffic created from web browsing can create malware that can actually influence your computer defectively. Also, this two-way firewall will safeguard your PC from these suspicious attacks.

• Virus Removal Assurance
At every level of Norton security product, the company comes with Virus Removal Assurance. As per this assurance, the organization will provide a complete refund without any queries if your system is affected by the virus while running Norton Antivirus. It is one of the most famous factors of Norton which the organization assures to secure and save both your PC and your budget.

• SONAR Protection
Norton SONAR Protection is one of the most efficient tools to safeguard your computer from malicious attacks. SONAR actually takes care of the programs that are running on your computer and checks the clues which might be malicious. It is the best application that helps to protect your PC and detect malware, virus and other cyber threats.

• Parental Control:
The Norton Security Premium comes with a subscription to the Norton Family which offers efficient Parental control. With the help of this Parental Control, you can keep your children away from the inappropriate and unsuitable content. Parental Control offers tools that safeguard family members to access certain categories of websites. The administrator can also add set schedules and limits to access the internet for the users as per when they will be allowed for surfing.

• Block Spam mails and Block them:
With the help of Smart Two Way Firewall, Norton has comes with the Spam Blocking feature which will detect the viruses and also flag the junk files automatically. The programs also help to warn about the attachments which contain viruses. Some attachments come with the virus that it can steal your identity and Norton Antivirus comes with block junk mail with spam blocking feature which warns you if any attachments have been sent to your device.

• Norton Automatic Backup:
Well, Backup is the widely used and essential part of antivirus software. If you are experiencing any Antivirus software then the most essential thing we search in the software feature is the Backup feature because all have a fear to lose its essential information and data. Norton comes with a feature with the help of which you can choose the files and folders that you need to get backups. The backup Cloud Storage has come with a limited amount of space includes 25GB. This data is efficient to store the essential documents and the files of your computer.

These are a few features that come with Norton Antivirus 2020 and it is excellent in providing comprehensive protection to your device. You can call on Norton Contact Number UK to know more information and to get your Norton related errors resolved shortly.

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