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Health of Life

Health of Life


Never before have the opportunities for conscious living been so plentiful, and never before has the need been so great.

Most of us are acutely aware that just by living and by doing business, we impact our planet. Despite our best efforts to tread lightly and responsibly on this earth, fossil fuels are burned, trees and habitats are destroyed, landfills are overflowing, and toxic pollutants are created ¯ simply as a result of our day-to-day life.

We believe that, given the chance, most everyone truly wants to make a positive contribution to their families, friends, themselves, and the world.

Sustainable, Organic Gardening...

A thoughtful balance between resources used and results gained.
Sustainable organic gardening starts with soil building. When crops are deprived of basic nutrients they languish.

Soil depletion of organic nutrients is one of the main causes of unhealthy plants and disease.

Organic gardening is growing without chemical fertilizers, naturally building the soil to support healthy plant life. All about plants you can find with our plant identification app.

Successful soil building best addresses the soil´s long-term needs by remedying deficiencies organically. Chemical fertilizers add unwanted nitrates or salts to the soil, as well as leaving chemical residues in the food; and will, over time, damage the soil's ability to provide what plants need to resist disease, insect attacks, and stress.

Sustainable Gardening...

Hormones in milk, food poisoning, mad cow disease, antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat ¯ what´s happened to our food? And to make matters worse, the United States is now the fattest nation in the world.

Did YOU know...

Organic soil amendments and conditioners pay for themselves with increased plant productivity.
Healthy plants grow more vigorously, taste better, store longer, and better resist insect attacks.
They have greater resistance to the cold, heat, drought, and disease.
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