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The Blackwing Den is added in WoW Classic: discover all the details

cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold The Blackwing Den is added to WoW Classic, one of the most iconic dungeons in the entire game. Let's see the details of this new content now available!

Blizzard announced this dungeon, which can be enjoyed by all those Alliance and Horde champions, when they form a group and have a fairly equipped set, as it is a somewhat difficult challenge unlike the common missions.

Recall that the Blackwing Lair in WoW Classic responds to the intention of the developers that players can live the original adventures, where this adventure was one of the most difficult for the players, which is why many can relive this experience.

The official synopsis of this dungeon says: In the dark recesses of the top of the Blackrock Mountain, Nefarian, the firstborn of Deathwing, performs some of his most frightening experiments: World of Warcraft Classic Gold controlling powerful beings as if they were puppets and combining eggs of different Flights with horrifying results. If it is successful, it will embark on even more sinister companies.

Recall that the Blackwing Den in WoW Classic has about 8 band leaders, being enabled from level 60, the highest of this edition. There will be some truly good objects, such as the chromatically tempered sword, the dragon breath culebrina or the black draco's claw, among many other special bonuses.

Knowing that there are many players who prefer to point to this game, which is based on the experience of the original game, it would not be strange if they later decide to include the oldest expansions. That is, we may have, in a time, two clearly differentiated games: the base, which would continue to expand with new mechanics for those looking for something new; and the classic, which would keep everything as it was before.

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