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4 Ways to Make Money & Friends

Money and friends are two important things we all need. Money pays the bills, of course, and friends keep us healthy, happy and enjoying our lives to the fullest. Nowadays, a plethora of opportunities makes it easy to earn money as you meet new people who may very well become your friends for life or even your next BFF. Whether you seek side money to supplement your current income or need full-time funds, check out some of our best ideas to earn both as you add fun and excitement to your life!

1- Join Social Media

Create a page or group on your favorite social media outlets, using it as a place to advertise products and services as you meet and mingle with other like-minded people. Have fun while participating on your social media pages. Showing your personality will win over plenty of new friends, fans, and customers very quickly, not to mention help spread the word of your existence as people share and talk about your brand and products and services. No matter what industry you serve or the type of offerings available to them, there is an audience out there waiting for what you offer.

2- Join the Thrive Experience

If you enjoy living a healthy life and want to earn money as you help others achieve those goals, Thrive is an opportunity that you should learn more about. Read some of the online Thrive reviews from independent representatives who’ve joined the Thrive team and now enjoy great incomes and a long list of friends. Distributors earn money for every health and wellness product sold as well as for every new recruit to the program. Thrive is a longstanding company that many people have successfully used as a means of earning cash, staying healthy, and meeting new people.

3- Local Flea Market

For many people, the local flea market is a great place to spend time on the weekends. Include yourself in the vendors at the flea market and soon, these people may very well become new friends as you sell your products. Flea markets vendors can sell a variety of items in their booths, including handmade crafts, knickknacks, garden-fresh vegetables, and other items. Selling goods locally introduces you to many people who all are nearby who want and need the things you offer. It’s a good idea to sell products online in addition to locally whenever possible. However, never miss an opportunity to meet and mingle with the local community in person and make many new connections -and loyal customers -in the process when selling products as a vendor at the local flea market. A small booth fee is a small price to pay in exchange for the benefits that you gain selling your goods at the flea market.

4- Host a Party

Many companies sell their products via home parties, where groups of people get together, have a good time, and sell goods. Parties bring together friends new and old, great music, events, games, and lots more excitement for everyone who attends. If you have an extroverted personality and have never met a stranger, hosting such a party earns money and free product in most cases. Tons of party companies offer men and women the chance to have fun and make cash during an adults-only event, a Tupperware party, or even a health and nutrition party. Most people also find a few new friends they keep in touch with before the end of the party.

The ideas above help thousands of people earn money and make new friends every single day. Why not join those people and put one or more of the ideas to work to enhance your life and well-being? No matter what things interest and excite you in life, there is always an opportunity to use it to benefit your bank account and friends’ list.
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