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Chameleon (1998)

Saw this 1998 made-for-TV SF movie (the best movies essays on website) on UPN last night, about a genetically-engineered assassin who finds her maternal instincts suddenly awakened for the son of one of her "assignments." It starred no one you've ever heard of or seen in anything else, and was filmed, according to the closing credits, in Queensland. (There were no telltale accents.)

There were several things cool about this movie, the best one being that the assassin had, among other powers, chameleon-like abilities while allowed her to become nigh-on invisible (very Predator-like), and it extended to her special "organic" clothes. There were also three love scenes which were almost more than I would have expected from broadcast TV.

But in all, it seemed a bit aimless. She has her change of heart suddenly, ten minutes into the movie -- no internal struggle, no questioning "What are these emotions?" etc. And the world was run by urban corporations; "the country" is a legendary promised land, yet the assassin and boy have no trouble finding it on a single tank of gas, and "the country" is a bunch of refugees living an idyllic existence like Robin and his Merry Men.
So... Good to fill the two hours it took, but definitely not worth a second look.
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