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How to improve writing skills at beginner level?

So, you love to write but struggle while writing a handy essay! Congratulations, you are alive. Writing is an art and learning it is not a difficult task. All you need to do is just be consistent and motivated. No writer ever gets his skills polished overnight rather it requires writing practice on a daily basis. If you want to become a professional writer, there are some simple tips for you. 

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a)     Enhancing Vocabulary:

It is imperative to mention here you have to develop reading habits in you in order to become a top-echelon writer. You must have your own vocabulary to a larger extent so that using a variety of words while writing an essay becomes easy for you. This practice will lead towards creating an attractive, readable and presentable content in a significant way. Reading habit also provokes thinking ability in a more creative way as it enlarges the thinking scope in various ways. Reading on a daily basis enhances knowledge on certain issues which ultimately helps in fleshing out ideas while writing on different topics. Writing has a large domain and there are a large number of areas where you can focus upon. Read those novels, books or articles which interests you the most. I strongly recommend reading newspapers and adding even a single new word in your vocabulary on a daily basis makes a big difference. After all, the little drops of water make a mighty ocean. 

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b)     Writing Style:

“Style is to forget all styles” (Jules Renard).

It is a fact that everybody has a unique writing style. So, be yourself. It is the writing style of each writer which makes his writings distinguishable. Never copy others' style of writing as this practice will ruin tour ideas, thoughts, emotions and feelings as you will not be able to draw a clear picture according to your will. Avoid repetition of the same words time and again. Introduce new but simple words. Another important thing is to write short sentences. You can write a long sentence where necessary. 

c)       Importance of Grammar:

Grammar plays a vital role in sentence structuring. A writer has to follow all grammatical rules so that you can express your thoughts straight away to a reader. Try to subdue grammatical mistakes to communicate with a reader in a better way. It is a foundation for communication. Writing is not only a factor to be followed in high school rather it plays a vital role to become a professional writer. Use of punctuation, full stop and comma are tiny elements but the most important ones in sentence structuring.

When vocabulary, writing style and grammar are combined together, they appear as a language expression. Sentence structure, idioms and proverbs, quotations and poetic lines are the important mechanics of language expression.  Synchronization must be done properly between the words. If writing is your passion, you will not ever get satisfied with your writing skills and it is a clear indication towards making progress towards writing a top-notch essay. If a person asks a professional writer to write my essay, you notice that he will follow all the aforementioned tips.  You have to maintain discipline while writing, that is, rewrite the article, remove spelling mistakes, and use the punctuation marks in a correct manner. Writing time and again helps you in raising the writing standard in an effective way. 

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