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Android Things: A specially designed OS for implementing IoT

Android apps are one of the crucial parts of a human’s daily life. However, with the changes in technology, making android apps function alongside other devices has become very important. To achieve this, using IoT has become one of the most important aspects of the current trends. As with the IoT technology, users can easily achieve control over their home devices via a single touch. Hence, to level up android app development practices, developers and merchants must adapt to IoT and include it in their android applications.

For this purpose, Google has recently launched Android Things. It is a specially designed operating system, which can allow your Hire android app developer to integrate IoT in your online with ease. This makes the whole process of having IoT in the android application easy to achieve and more efficient. With this article, today we will explore the major features of Android Things. But before we dive into that, let us take a look into the basic definition of Android Things to gain a better understanding regarding this unique OS.

What are Android Things?

Android Things is a separate OS created and launched by google to facilitate developers in integrating IoT within the android applications to make them more flexible, productive, and profitable. Further, by using Android Things developers can also rest easy regarding the mobile security issues that usually occur while creating a connection with external devices.

Moreover, the use of Android Things also makes it easier for developers to work with kiosks, digital signboards, etc. Hence, in a nutshell, we can say that Android Things takes care of all the hardware and security concerns for developers. So that they can focus on creating functional and interactive android applications with IoT.

Features of Android Things
Android Things is loaded with a number of unique features, which makes it one of a kind facility for android developers. It not only makes IoT apps highly secure, but it also makes the whole application development process faster and efficient for developers. Below is a list of some of the most unique features of Android Things for developers:

1. Security:
Any android application that connects with an external device and share across its data with them can be under a great security threat if it’s not constantly updated. Because it is easy for hackers to infect such applications with bugs and steal information. However, with Android Things, such mishaps can easily be avoided, because it has a highly functional security layer and it receives regular updates as well.

2. Hardware support: Android Things is built on Google-certified chipsets. Which makes this OS a perfect solution for creating apps using IoT. As the standard hardware integrated into it allows developers to completely focus on their development process rather then running around to meet up with hardware requirements.

3.Software Support: Android Things comes with an extensive set of Android app development tools in it. This allows developers to focus on adding features they need for their application and saves them a lot of time that could easily be wasted on Installation and set up. This, as a result, makes the whole application development process much more function-oriented and efficient.

Android Things is a must-have OS for businesses trying to increase their product’s utility and give their consumers a better user experience. Further, hiring an android application developer seasoned in Android Things enables merchants to create a highly secure application as well. So, adapting to it can be considered as the most beneficial way to integrate IoT in android applications for providing the best user experience to consumers
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