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PSO2 has dedicated narrative advancement with defined chapters

PSO2 is much more of a gear-treadmill type of sport with new items completely outclassing old items and it generally has de facto"Best-in-slot" type of weapons for each class. Granted, it's a lot more forgiving than other games because you can normally make due with much less, but it still contributes to homogeneity in gear and the reduction of collectability and novelty which came with weapons in PSO.The update system is... annoying at best, horrible at worst though. Affixing can perish in a fire. I don't even like it as a notion, personally, but it is so unbelievably convoluted and can be exceedingly expensive (particularly for min-maxers) that using the gear pedals being something, yeah... Screw that.

A lot of people would explain PSO2 as being much more'anime' compared to PSO was too, and while I personally think that it's kind of unfair to generalize anime such as that, you probably get what is meant by this statement. It's omnipresent, but has glaring at some times (Episode 4 includes 3 bath-house scenes with each of the tropes you would expect, for example). Hell, in terms of general story-beats, it delves into reverse isekai and standard isekai tropes as the initial idea of two episodes...

While PSO just left you logs to piece together what happened with some additional information offered in side-quests, PSO2 has dedicated narrative advancement with defined chapters, cutscenes, etc..

I have some issues with the execution (mainly dealing with subpalletes as a controller-user, and also the camera being sexy garbage), but it's generally enjoyable and many people tend to favor it. The combat is an development of PSU's in how Photon Arts are used while it maintains the Just-Attacks out of PSO so it will still feel attached. Weapon specials tend to be quite irrelevant now though, but a few weapons have potentials that attempt to give a similar flavour. Essentially, in the event that you really liked how slow and deliberate that the battle in PSO felt, you are gonna have a bad time. Otherwise, you'll probably find it far more fun.

While PSO would provide you an example of an episode and allow you to run through the whole thing in a linear fashion, PSO2 is based on individual missions. You finish that start a mission, then return to the camp-ship/lobby and kick off another one. Therefore the final result is matters tend to feel a lot more generic and samey within my eyes. but YMMV.

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