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Where and how does electricity get to the house?

The electricity sent to our house is made in a place called a power plant. There are three main types of power plants: hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, and nuclear power plants.To generate electricity at home, visit easy power plan pdf guide reviews:

Most hydroelectric power plants are located in the mountains, and the water that has been coughed up by the dam is put down, it drops well, and the water wheel is turned with the water. The water wheel says, "It is connected to a machine called "power generation year, and electricity is generated there."

Many thermal and nuclear power plants are located near the sea. Thermal power plants use oil and natural gas to steam water. The power of the steam turns the generator's water wheel to make electricity. Nuclear power plants take energy from nuclear fuel, steam them, and turn generators

In this way, the electricity made in the power plant comes through the power transmission line to the telephone pole near our house. And, it is lowered to the voltage of 100 volts in the electric appliance such as the television and the sentaku return refrigerator by the machine called the transformer which is on the telephone pole, and it is put in our house.

1st Period
First of all, in the first period, we decided to get the students interested in and curious about electricity. 3rd grade students
It would be reckless to suddenly teach a class on energy issues in the second grade. Use the dynamo to help yourself.
Incorporate hands-on activities such as generating electricity with Afterwards, teach students about the different types of power plants.
Second Period.
Next, in the second period, considering the fact that we are in the third year of elementary school, the electricity in our surroundings
Through the process of finding products, we have come to realize that electricity is indispensable to our daily lives.
Third Period.
The graphs in the "Electricity Composition Ratio" section show the amount of electricity generated, trends, and energy used by power plants.
readings. In this section, we want to keep the amount of electricity generated by power plants and so on.
Fourth Period.
In fourth period, students are asked to use the Internet to think about energy issues. Teachers'
The assignment will be given by the side and will be in the format of researching on the internet. However, they should be in third grade.
Consideration will be given to this and the teachers will present the website to be used. Information education will also be considered.
Fifth Period.
Finally, in the fifth period, have students think about energy waste. Energy Saving Level Check
k and reflect on your own life as well. This way it can actually lead to action.
I want to take it in.
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