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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking A 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Have you completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training? If the answer is a yes, then you might have started to wonder whether you should go for 500-hour yoga teacher training or not?

Sure, finishing the first level of yoga teacher training is challenging enough, but as dedicated yoga practitioners, our journey never ends. We are boundless and evergreen yoga students, always ready to learn something new.

For several years, I have strictly been against taking a 500-hour yoga teacher training. I had a misconception in mind that I've gone through enough years of teacher training, so I don't really need the stamp of 500-hour yoga teacher training. It took me almost 10 years to decide differently. But now I am pretty excited to go back into the 'committed student' mode.

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Why Even Take A 500-Hour Teacher Training?

Having a 500-hour teacher training certification is like obtaining a master's degree. Taking a 500-hour teacher training course will set you apart from a number of yoga teachers to make their mark in the world of yoga.

And let's be real, you don't just stand apart from 200-hour yoga teacher training instructors, but you also discover more about yoga, layer by layer.

What you need to understand is that taking a 500-hour teacher training is a big commitment. This training course makes you give your time, credibility, and dedication to the practice as a yoga teacher.

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Why Should You Take 500-Hour YTT? - Questions To Ask Yourself

If you are still unable to decide why you should dedicate your time and money to 500-hour yoga teacher training, then I am sure the questions that I've asked below will help you form a clear image to determine which path is right for you.
What Exactly Motivates You To Teach Yoga?

What Exactly Motivates You To Teach Yoga?

The very first question that you need to ask yourself is what inspires you to teach yoga? What exactly ignites a fire inside your belly to share the love, warmth, and knowledge of yoga with other yoga practitioners?

Usually, people take a yoga teacher training course to get in touch with the yoga student inside them. But, if you are eager to teach, then I am pretty sure a 500-hour teacher training course is perfect for you.

How Do You Feel About The Students Attending Your Classes?

Do you feel that teaching yoga is all about connecting your students to the yoga practice? If yes, then you must know that taking a 500-hour teacher training is the right path for you to walk on.

What Exactly Do You Want To Offer As A Yoga Teacher?

Figuring out what exactly you want to teach your students is quite important. If increasing your yogic knowledge and that too in a structured environment speaks to you, then taking a 500-hour yoga teacher training is the right decision to take.

Have You Evolved As Both A Student And A Teacher Since Finishing Your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Taking time to reflect on the knowledge that you have gained about yoga both as a student and a teacher will help you decide whether taking a 500-hour teacher training is beneficial for you or not.

Some yoga practitioners dive into 500-hour teacher training right after completing 200-hour yoga teacher training whereas some need a little more time to figure whether they are making the right decision or not.

Do You Feel Compelled To Teach Yoga?

Ask yourself whether you feel forced to teach yoga. What you are already offering and what you really want to offer, these two are completely different things.

What are your goals for practicing yoga? What do you want to share with your students? If both these questions have the same answer Yes, then trust me, you are making no mistake in taking a 500-hour yoga teacher training.

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500-Hour Teacher Training: The Conclusion

If you have thoroughly gone through the questions mentioned above, then I am sure you might have knocked yourself to an answer. There is a ninety percent chance that you might have convinced yourself to join a 500-hour teacher training, but in case you still have doubts, then take some more space and time for yourself. Yoga teacher trainings are not going anywhere.
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