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Stay Fit and Young with These Cardio Yoga for Beginners Poses

Yoga has gained quite a reputation for helping millions to adopt a healthy lifestyle and enjoy good physical and mental health. It helps you focus on improving strength, endurance, which develops the mental resilience to fight stress in daily life. Although yoga improves heart and lung functioning but does not give the same results as running, sprint training, or cycling.

You should practice cardio yoga for beginners postures to reap the same benefits as that of a cardio workout. Cardio yoga combines yoga with cardiovascular exercise and includes practicing specific yoga poses with a speed.

Let us first understand what cardio yoga actually is.

Cardio Yoga – In Brief

Cardio Yoga includes the practice of yoga poses, with rapid transition from one pose to another. It burns more calories and improves heart rate which results in profuse sweating. The cardio yoga provides your cardiovascular system a great workout.

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Cardio Yoga and Conditioning – The Connection

The traditional form of yoga focuses more on practicing the right breathing techniques, yoga postures and flow, which is not similar to an actual workout. Each movement in this form of yoga is done without much focus on the pace of practice.

What traditional form of yoga actually does is keep the joints and muscles functional. However, it does not push the heart or lungs to their limits.

Do you want to practice just traditional yoga or include a cardio workout into the practice? On one hand, you have yoga that works on improving overall strength and flexibility. A cardio workout on the other hand helps you burn the extra calories and improve heart functioning.

You can include cardio yoga for beginners with the specific calorie-burning yoga poses to improve cardiovascular health and make the muscles work harder. Moreover, it also keeps the heart and lungs working in sync with the pace of the practice.

Now, it is time we focus on the best cardio yoga poses to help you burn more calories, and enjoy the yoga session.

Chair Yoga for Beginners – The Poses

With that said, it is time we find out the two best cardio yoga poses you can include in daily yoga practice.

1. Chair Jump Squat

1) Start with the Chair Pose with feet hip-width apart.

2) Bend your knees, sit with hips backward, and keep the majority of the weight on both heels.

3) Pull the belly in, and pull the tailbone towards the floor. It lengthens the spine. Make sure to keep both hands on the heart center.

4) Press both feet and jump off the floor but do press both hips forward. Keep both hands down to the sides of your body.

5) Practice this yoga therapy pose ten times and rest.

Note: Make sure while landing you come back to the chair squat.

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2. High Lunge Knee to Chest

1) Start in a high lunge position. Make sure to keep the right knee at a 90-degree angle over the right ankle.

2) Keep the left heel off the floor with the back leg completely straight. Make sure you bring both arms around the ears with fingers facing towards one another.

3) Shift your entire weight onto the front foot and bring the left knee into your chest. You need to step foot back to the high lunge position.

4) Repeat this cardio yoga at least ten times on both sides and rest.


The traditional form of yoga helps keep your muscles and joints functional in the long run. However, it is cardio yoga for beginners that improve heart and lung functioning. Cardio Yoga gives you have the benefits of a sweaty workout and continue the practice of this sacred art.
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