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Wicked Problems

People in modern world face many problems which can’t be solved easily, sometimes they don’t like school system of education, and sometimes they don’t like public health care or work of police. These problems should be solved by governmental structures. Professionals who work with these problems should act classically, that is to identify the problem, to analyze all issues of it, to find some clues to solve them, and, at last, to find an appropriate result. This scheme doesn’t work for the problems which are called “wicked problems”. It is nearly impossible to find right solution for them, as all issues of it are connected with many different events, specific ways of developing of society, culture and place, where people live. But these problems should be solved; otherwise, there will be many really wicked consequences for certain society and for the entire world. Professionals who work at such problems can plan their solving taking into consideration all special features of groups of people they work with.
It is not necessary to enumerate all such problems to understand all difficulty of them; it is enough to try to analyze some of them. The problem of poverty appeared long time ago, and it has always been among one of the most complicated evil for mankind. There are a lot of factors which influence life of people who suffer from poverty and hunger. First of all conditions of their life, it can be the bad climate, absence of enough amount of water, poor level of education. Let’s stop on these factors to understand the problem and to find some ways of its solution. It is evident that such people should, first of all, think about highly qualified engineers, who can find the ways to reduce effects of hard climate conditions. But education means local staff of teachers, because they know culture of the people best of all, and they know how to make indigenous people realize the importance of education for their future. To find such staff means to send some people from this area to highly developed countries to get such education. This poor country should find enough money to pay for education of their citizens, but people where suffer from hunger, and they don’t have any funds for educational programs. They get humanitarian help, which is spent very fast, but the problem itself stays as it was.
Another well-known and rather painful problem for our world is the high level of unemployment. There are more qualified specialists than the places of work for them. It is evident that such people should change their professions, but now we face human factor. Nowadays young people are not interested in hard work, such as building, agriculture, fitters and work at metallurgical and machine building plants, but at these plants such professions are of great demand. Owners of these plants invite workers from other countries with lower level of life. These foreigners occupy vacant places, but the problem is solved only partially. People with high education stay unemployed. They all get unemployment benefit, government spends a lot of money for it, and they, themselves, don’t like that there are so many people from other countries that live together with locals, as newcomers have their own culture and especially religion.
Planners of wicked problems should take into consideration all aspects of life of people, they can only outline some common factors of problems solution and make plans, as life is constantly changing, and new aspects appear which can destroy some ways out found before. Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to cultural, professional and religion aspects of life.

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