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How CoVid 19 Impacted Grocery Delivery Business

The CoVid 19 Corona Virus pandemic has crushed businesses all over the world. With people locked down within the premises of their own homes, there are many businesses have that not only been paralyzed but died a slow and agonizing death. However, life still goes on and humanity fights to reign supreme across the world. Regardless of the situation in the world, people will always need their grocery supplies in order to live. The Grocery Store Delivery App has therefore not only survived this pandemic but grown like never before during it.

How does the Grocery Store Delivery App Work?

The Grocery Store Delivery Apps are created to facilitate people how to make sure that they can get all their groceries in place without having to go through the mess of physically going to a store in order to buy things. Here is how the app works:

1. The users download the app and log in to it.
2. The process of logging in can be done by using their existing Gmail or Facebook IDs. But there is another option to do it, like filling out a form by entering their phone number etc.
3. Now that the app is all registered and set up, the user can click on it whenever they need to buy stuff from the grocery stores.
4. The first thing they need to do is to go through a list of all the different grocery stores that are registered with the app.
5. They can then click on the one that they believe is best and has all the things that they need.
6. Clicking on the store will allow them to enter it and view a list of all the items that are available in the store.
7. The users can then select all the items from the store’s list that they want to buy and add them to their cart.
8. They can then checkout these items to make a purchase.
9. The app facilitates automatic payment so that the user doesn’t have to bother with cash. However, in case the user so wishes, he or she can choose to make the payment by cash as well.
10. The app now automatically allots a driver to go ahead and collect the ordered items from the store and deliver them to the doorstep of the customer.
11. The user will now receive the items and then be able to rate the grocery store and the delivery driver based on their experience.
12. The delivery driver too will have the option of rating the user based on their experience.

Addition of CoVid 19 Corona Virus Safety Features

Features lend credibility and functionality to apps. It is the only way that makes sure that the app is a success it is important to make sure that the app has all the relevant features that help cope with the conditions of the times. For example, now that the world is faced with CoVid 19, it is important to include features in the app that help to support the people during the pandemic.

Let us take a look at some of the important features that can help during the pandemic:

Contactless Delivery
This is a feature that minimizes the contact between the delivery professional and the user. This means that instead of handing the order directly in the hands of the customer, the delivery driver places the order at the door of the customer and then takes a picture of the same to notify the user of the delivery has been made.

Safety Badge
This is a feature that allows users to see if the stores that they are purchasing from are following all the safety regulations that are imposed by the government during these critical times. The app is designed in a way that makes sure that there is a small icon that depicts a safety badge so that your users can be absolutely sure of where they are purchasing from.

Take Away Options
Sometimes, users are paranoid about who is coming to deliver their orders. They would much rather prefer to have the order picked up by themselves rather than have a delivery driver taking care of it. This is why; the app has a take a way option as well. This option allows the users to place the order online and reach the store at a designated time by which the store keeps this order ready so that they can go ahead and collect it.

How to start your own on demand grocery Store Delivery App Based Business?

If you are keen to get in to this business of ensuring that grocery items can be delivered easily to your customers with the help of your app, then perhaps it is time for you hop on the ready made on demand grocery store delivery app market.

All you need to do is to find the right ready made grocery delivery app and try to take a free test of the application. Taking a free demo is a very important aspect because it will prime you towards what you should expect from the application. Ensure that you only invest in an app that is built by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 7 to 8 years of experience in building these kinds of apps.

While you are at it, make sure that you check out what are the important features that are relevant to your business for example adding the local language or the local currency of your region so that the app works well.
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