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An Ecommerce SEO Company

Snap Visibility is a leading online firm that offers SEO services to eCommerce websites. We follow a simple step-wise procedure for SEO. It includes:
· Website SEO Audit: In the very first step of our eCommerce search engine optimization process, we scan your website completely from a search engine perspective. The audit also involves checking for errors in the website, content duplication, broken links, and much more.
· Keywords Research: This is the second and most important phase that decides the keywords that are relevant to your business and make your business found online. It will include those terms that your customers will be used for searching for your products.
· Competitor Research: After that, we perform the real thing, i.e. identifying, validating, and comparing your competitors, strategies they are following, and then plan our SEO moves accordingly.
· On-Page SEO Optimization: Our eCommerce SEO company India takes its next step by making changes to your website, making it search engine friendly so that it can rank higher.
· Off-Page SEO Optimization & Link Building: This is the most important phase as all the measures to rank your website from outside are performed in this phase. This involves creating backlinks or references from other sites.
· Search Engine Ranking Reporting for tracking Progress: Last but not least is the reporting phase. In this phase, we help our clients to determine the rhythm of the success and digs for inventiveness by keeping the track of your entire keyword ranking.
For more information on our eCommerce SEO services, feel free to call us!
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