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Giveaways on Instagram: what is a giveaway, who are the sponsors, how does it work on instagram

Various contests are constantly held on social networks, giveaways on Instagram - what many users already know about this. But not everyone understands that the main purpose of the giveaway is to instantly attract subscribers to the participants' profiles on the social network.

For the first time this type of promotion became popular back in 2016. Over the years, the popularity of the competition has declined, but it continues to be actively used. The Giveways have undergone many changes, but the principle of their operation has remained the same. People who dream of promoting their page often choose giveaway, what is this method of such promotion, it is worth understanding in more detail. Is it so effective for page promotion and useful for a blog?

What is Givevey

On a social network, you can often see givas on Instagram, what kind of competition is this and how does it differ from all the others? And its distinguishing feature is the presence of always a large number of sponsors. A specific list of sponsors is recruited to hold an event, competition, or drawing. Their number can vary from 2 people to several hundred. The limits can be different, on average it is from 10 to 40 people. Too few sponsors do not provide the desired flow of users. And too much scares off a potential audience.

Give is a kind of Instagram contest in which anyone can take part if they subscribe to all the sponsors of this event, including the organizer's account. It is easy to find all sponsors - they are all located in the "Subscriptions" column of the organizers. After that, he automatically becomes a participant, gets a chance to win something from the prizes. They can be different gifts - from cash prizes to cars. Therefore, if there are 200-300 sponsors in the subscription column, it is unlikely that any user will want to participate in such a give. The same can be said for budget and boring gifts. Also can you see what your followers like on instagram? now its very easy to do.

Each of the sponsors must contribute a specific amount for the giveaway, which is discussed in advance. The organizer collects their contributions from all sponsors, buys prizes for the participants with a portion of this money. The other part of the amount is his earnings, he takes it for himself.

Giveaway is a contest for which a separate account is created with a clear description of the rules. It has separate dating posts with each sponsor. Or the giveaways are held on the pages of already popular and well-known bloggers. Those themselves personally explain all the rules of participation to their subscribers.

What are the types of giveaways on Instagram

What is giveaway on Instagram and what varieties are found:

  1. With the participation of the stars. As a rule, stellar accounts have a large audience. To increase activity and ensure the flow of users to other pages, the account of the star, which has more than a million subscribers, becomes a donor. In her account, she calls on to take part in such a competition. The prizes are iPhones, household appliances, cosmetics, money, cars. The main thing is to make the prizes in demand so that they arouse the interest of the target audience. In this case, many bloggers, commercial accounts understand all the advantages of giveways, that this is a competition that will provide them with an influx of more than 100 thousand subscribers.
  2. With the participation of bloggers. What is a giveaway on Instagram with bloggers - a certain collaboration is being created within the framework of this competition. They team up to share their fanbase with each other. These types of contests are the most popular. Each of the millionaire bloggers at least once a month conducts this in their account, being its organizer.
  3. Thematic givas on Instagram - what kind of competition is this? It differs from the previous two, as it has a specific theme and the corresponding prize fund. For example, this is a specific giveaway for beauty masters. The organizers are also associated with the beauty industry. And the prize fund will be appropriate, these are some courses, trainings, webinars, goods, equipment. Or is it a children's drawing, where the prizes will be strollers, cribs, a set of children's goods, gift certificates from shops. The target audience is parents. The audience in thematic shows is filtered, only targeted and interested ones gather there.
  4. Boomerang - the organizer is some kind of blogger, and sponsors are smaller accounts that need promotion. Each sponsor offers its own prize fund, they hold a separate drawing for their subscribers. It is more difficult for followers to understand the essence of participation in this competition, they do not have time to follow all sponsors, they miss part of the conditions. Their carelessness often becomes the cause of disputes, causes distrust of everyone else.

How are giveaways on Instagram

Giveaway - what is this contest on Instagram and how to run it? There are two categories of pages interested in hosting a giveaway:

  1. This should be a page with an already assembled audience. That is, it is not 200 or 500 subscribers, but at least a few thousand. Ideally, from 100 thousand subscribers of a loyal audience. The organizers remain in the monetary advantage from the giveaway, that is, they receive their percentage of the contributions of all sponsors.
  2. Sponsors or pages interested in advertising. If a person has few subscribers, he wants to increase their number several times in a short time, he can become a sponsor of the competition and wait for an influx of audience.

How the draw is held:

  • the organizer, together with sponsors, think over the rules of participation for followers, choose prizes, create presentation posts, and so on;
  • then a separate page is created or all the conditions for participants are already written on the existing one;
  • in the subscription section of the organizer, only all sponsors should be collected, and no one superfluous;
  • then the organizer advertises in his profile, lures subscribers with prizes, benefits of participation, announces the date of summing up;
  • during this time, everyone else has increased subscribers and everyone remains in the black. Someone gets the right audience, someone gets income from the competition.

Sponsoring accounts can negotiate among themselves, look for people who are ready to participate with them. And then write your proposal to some blogger.

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