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Instead of giant looped skirts, we saw layers of soft tulle and lace that added movement to these gowns evening dresses for women . Since these dresses tend to fit in an A-line cut, this trend can be flattering on any body type. But beware: this dress can be heavy!

With Ultra Violet considered the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, bridal fashion has little choice but to indulge. The designer took the high-octane color and toned it down to a soft, pillowy lavender that was designed for wedding dresses.

While purple hues dominated the runway, shades of blue and blush crept in a sea of ??white. If you're thinking of injecting color into your wedding look, check out Vera Wang and Leanne Marshall's collections for inspiration. Would a dress full of color be too daring? Try adding a sheer pastel cape or fun shoes to channel this trend.

If you're a bride who's about to choose a colorful gown but still has the urge to indulge in classic white, then this trend is the happy medium for you. In past seasons we've seen floral appliqués in the same color as the dress, but 2019 changed the game by introducing color.

Already found your dream dress but love the trend? Go to some fabric stores and find some decals that work for you. Consult a wedding dress tailor to have the pieces stitched together on your dream gown to create a design that is just right for you. A seamstress can easily pin them to give you the unique look you crave.

We've talked before about the minimalist effect of the Duchess of Sussex's two wedding dresses in 2018, but the simplistic influence has actually carried over into 2020. Think clean lines and lots of structure.

If you're really into accessories, a minimalist wedding dress is a great place to show off a remarkable bridal belt or a dazzling tiara. A pair of colorful shoes makes a splash in this trend, bringing life to the look.

You might be thinking "no cleavage in front of my family!" We totally hear you, but know there's definitely a way to embrace this trend without feeling exposed on the altar.

Many of the dresses we saw in the 2019 collections featured mesh overlays with plunging V necklines. While the material remains sheer, it provides the ideal deep V neckline effect while keeping you inside.

Another great way to balance this look is to choose a long-sleeve dress with a deep V neckline. The coverage balances out the skirt for a more modest look.

In an age when brides wear multiple outfits on their wedding day, it's crucial to splurge on the right items.

Spring 2020 bridal looks have hit the runways, showcasing chic jumpsuits, bridal blazers and, of course, romantic lace. No matter what your budget, these trends are totally achievable—even if you wear more than one!

Finding the right bridal outfit that fits your budget is an art. Before you start shopping, think about the look you want for your big day.

Are you feeling lace and romantic for your ceremony and a quick punk jumpsuit for the reception? Boho by day, blazer by night? Whichever way you decide to go, we've got some tips on how to achieve the look of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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