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Complete Scanners In Airports ・An Overview

The introduction of full-body scanners in many airports has generated a lot of stir. A few of these airports visit a large amount of traffic with plenty of airlines operating flights to and from these airports. A large number of travellers who book their cheap flights from all of these airports must undergo the total body scanning process. These scans alllow for an on-line last minute flights cheap means strip search kind of knowledge about the real difference which you don稚 have shed your clothes. Instead, the scans generate nude pictures of our bodies, which is often seen by security officials.

southwest airlines newsAirports Using Full Scanners

Full body scanning in airports was initially designed by the Netherlands. Slowly a number of other countries adopted the practice. Travellers planning to book cheap holidays might be considering first looking at a number of the international airports where full scanning has been implemented.

Amsterdam-Schipol Airport (AMS)
Gimhae/Busan International (PUS)
Gimpo/Seoul International (GMP)
Jeju International (CJU)
London-Heathrow (LHR)
Manchester Airport (MAN)
Moscow-Sheremetyevo International (SVO)
Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Rome-Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino (FCO)
Toronto Pearson International (YYZ)
Tokyo-Narita International (NRT)
Vancouver International (YVR)

Benefits and drawbacks of Full Body Scanners

The nice part is that these machines save a lot of time. Imagine painstakingly booking cheap flight and missing onto it because airport security decides to place you through a real strip search whenever you had already arrived late at the airport once you have stuck on M25 motorway traffic jam. Such passengers might not be lucky to discover what other cheap flights and could end up spending money on very last minute flights through their nose. However, a scanning machine will hardly take 15 seconds and you'll not have to suffer the indignity of undressing for fulfilling some security requirement, leading to a missed flight. On the flip side, there are particular cons of complete scanners.

Child Scanning

When you have children younger than 18 and therefore are intending to take them by using an overseas flights, you have to know that airport authorities who subject your minor kid to some full scan could very well be violating child pornography laws of their countries.


Body scanner protests mainly focus on the problem of privacy. Besides creating nude images, code readers also can show embarrassing body parts including artificial breasts and testicles, and medical equipment like catheters and colostomy bags.

Health issues

Certain authorities like International Atomic Energy Agency and Nuclear Energy Agency have claimed many people including children and women that are pregnant might be in danger from the ionizing radiation of these scanners. Doubts on the safety of such scanners have also been raised in reference to the insufficient long term studies concerning the health threats of those scanners. However, the issue is quite debatable with certain other radiation safety authorities praoclaiming that they are not aware of evidence pointing towards the harmfulness of those scanners.

southwest airlines newsMuch as the cons associated with these full body scanners out number the pros, many travellers might still be prepared to check out the positive side linked to security in the airports and in the flights. Will still be far from clear if those transient passengers who so far had booked cheap tickets on connecting flights via these airports would go for alternative connecting airports.
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