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fifa coins PS4 on the Avenue of stars show name fees of nearly 340 million

CCTV's advertising last year, on the Avenue of stars show name fees of nearly 340 million. And just yesterday,fifa coins PS4 breaking billion winning bid amount is already rare. This is the case, and CCTV's advertising scene this year "for" less closely 2014 CCTV ad subscribed and tendering signed tender sale is divided into two parts, held yesterday is tender. In previous years, be tender, such as "network news tips for watching ads" and "focus feed ads", "weather forecast 1+1 ad", all of them to sign up to subscribe for. This year, the contracted subscription resource of over 178, far higher than the number 2012 introduced CCTV He Haiming, Director of advertising, from tender sale of industry distribution, food and beverage, household appliances, car among the top three. Liquor enterprise of as cannot and last year par but has industry persons revealed, from October began, liquor enterprise on gradually through signed subscription of way quietly "sneaked into" CCTV, as yanghe this year to about 135 million of price Crown name has dream star partner, and maotai and wuliangye also are spent has more than 400 million more Yuan put CCTV advertising on this, has analysis pointed out that, by central "eight items provides" and radio "limited prohibition" of effects, Sales of liquor-making industry in the past three quarters showed increases of various magnitudes in the doldrums. Liquor-making enterprises at their winter, is not suitable for live bidding. Jiaduobao "speak" Gala
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