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RS Broken Home

Halloween is around the corner, this week Runescape brings a Halloween horror quest for you, Broken Home. However, this horror quest is just for members. FIFA 15 IOS Coins is already available. Don’t take any items or equipment when you enter into the house.

Broken Home is a Halloween quest that something different, and much darker than you’ve seen before. It well-suited to the season, a harrowing horror story where you’ll investigate deaths within a haunted mansion. This quest will remain in RS permanently.

FUT Coins is repeatable. Once you finished it, you can go back and complete it again, as many as you wish. This allows you to try new things and unlock additional rewards.

It has an open structure. Once you are in the house, you will receive no direction. It is down to you to explore, unlock new areas, and find out how its inhabitants died.

There is a save/load system. Once you reach certain points in the quest, your progress will be saved. If you leave the house and return or if you die, you will return to your most recent save point. Of course, once you complete it, you’ll go back to the beginning.

The quest is really rewarding. When you complete the quest for the first time, you can earn Small prismatic lamp, an emote, and a ring with level 30 stats that will grant you extra food drops when fighting certain enemies.

For Old School RS Gold the first two week, there is also an Early Bird Bonus: Large prismatic lamp; Large prismatic fallen star; Boosted damage in the Death’s Door Halloween event. After completing the quest, speak to Maria again, she will give you details of how to unlock more rewards on future playthroughs.

Rewards including more XP lamps, a spooky follower to haunt your steps, an 85 Defence ring with strong combat stats and a chance to reduce adrenaline cost for thresholds to 0 plus a chance to restore a portion of the cost of special attacks.

Drop to the Broken Home now, and feel the atmosphere, steel your nerves. You can totally uncover the mansion’s darkest secrets. This Halloween gonna be a different and special holiday.
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