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Warcraft Character Update

November is coming and WOW Gold is near the corner. World of Warcraft has been updated two new characters: Velen and Khadgar. And what’s more, it is time for you to update your Battle accounts before Warlords of Draenor is out.
Let’s introduce the two characters. Velen is a staunch defender of the Draenei, and has guided his people in the struggle against the Burning Legion for thousands of years. But now he is facing a much more immediate threat-Iron Horde.
Khadgar saw the Iron Horde’s intentions for Azeroth when Nethergarde Keep fell. Now he is determined to stop their assault before it is too late, and is leading the charge into the Dark Portal as he did in the past.
They are willing to sacrifice much to ensure the safety of their people. Can they triumph over the Iron Horde? Or will they fall to a foe more dangerous than any they’ve encountered before? You will know when the new feature is out.
It is time to make sure both your account contact information and your shipping information are up-to-date . Accurate information ensures that purchases are processed smoothly, and helps you verify your identity if you ever support. Inaccurate information can cause delayed or failed payments and complicates account support and recovery.
Now log in your account, from the Settings dropdown, select Contact&Shipping Addresses. Making sure you’re seeing your current Contact Address and phone number, then click Shipping Address to make sure that’s up-to-date as well. Return to the Settings dropdown and select My Payment Options. Select Edit next to each payment method and make sure you’re seeing your current information.
In addition, this Friday, you can watch the World of Warcraft Arena Championship. Please look forward to the coming updates next month. more:FUT Coins
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