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The first reviews of PES 15 have started to come in

The first reviews of PES 15 have started to come in, and so far it looks like Konami has done a good job with the game. The score for PES 15 is around 85%, which is three percentage points higher than FIFA 15 at 82%. The score for PES 15 could still go up or down though, because all of the reviews aren’t in yet. So far, it seems like FIFA 15 Coins is the slightly better soccer game this year.

Every year there is a new PES or Pro Evolution Soccer game and a new FIFA game. They are the two dominate soccer games, and every year there is a debate about which game to buy. The past few years FIFA has taken that crown, but this year it seems like it’s PES’s turn to reign. Leading up to the games release, the developers for PES said that they wanted to make PES feel like you are actually playing a soccer game.

They claimed that the players in FIFA were too easy to manipulate and didn’t behave like real soccer players. They also added that you will need real tactics and strategy to win in PES 15. The reviews so far seem to match up with what the developers have been saying about the game. One thing many reviewers noticed was that the AI for the keepers has been improved.

Each keeper behaves like their real life counterpart. They also noticed similar differences in the top players. They have all their strengths and weaknesses which are easy to identify when you are playing as different players. Konami has announced that there is a day one patch for PES 15. It is mostly a content update, and doesn’t fix any large bugs. The patch adds 93 new kits to the game and an update to the Brazil League teams which will add an additional 109 real names to the game.

The patch also adds over 80 player feature updates. That’s not all, there is another update already scheduled for December 11th which will add even more player names and teams to the game. Konami wants to make sure that this is the best PES 15 ever. They have also announced that the PC demo for PES 15 will be released the same day that the game comes out, which is November 13th.see more at:
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