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For security reason of your account, very important

Always ensure that software/applications you install or use on your account is up to date and never upload any script you don't understand in your account and use strong password.

Is advisable to always use normal means to access your account such as typing in your browser for cpanel and for webmail. Don't be authenticating applications to access your account, unless you trust it and know what you're doing. Don't upload files/software/scripts you don't need in your cpanel, if you use zipfolder to upload content/website on your cpanel after installation and setup delete the upload zipfolder from your account.

Please do the following steps periodically.

1) Protect your control panel authentication by using a difficult password, which only you or your client knows.

2) Do not make your control panel password public.

3) While uploading any data from your local pc scan it with any anti-virus.

4) Change the passwords for all the FTP accounts.

5) Make sure that you are always installing applications/themes/plugins etc from authorized resources.

6) It is best to scan your computer for Malware using the Malwarebytes software to remove any malicious pieces of software that may cause security hole.

7) Update any application installed to latest stable version.

8) Remove the script and unwanted scripts/plugins/addon installed.

9) Upgrade scripts/plugins/addon installed to latest stable version.

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