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How to Back up Website from Cpanel to Computer

To back up your website means downloading your files/folders from web hosting server.

To carry out backup, follow steps below:

You need username and password that is given to you for that particular cpanel.

There are two common ways to back up.

First one

Download files/folders using ftp (download ftp software online there're so many of them just use search engine to download one), install it and use it to login into your hosting account using username and password.

If you have database, then login into cpanel and click phpmyadmin, then look for the name(s) of the database click on it and click “export” and “Go” it will ask you for SAVE, then save to location you want in your computer.
Go to your email and start backing up your emails.

Second one

Login into your cpanel account, click backup or backup wizard either way will achieve same result of backing up your entire website at a go or just a directory.

Let’s choose ” backup wizard” function.
This feature allows you to download a zipped copy of your entire site, or parts of it, to your computer.
The zip file includes the following backed-up items:
• Home Directory
• MySQL Databases
• Email Forwarders Configuration
• Email Filters Configuration

When you click on it, it will ask you whether for Full or Partial Backup, then you choose whether to back up “full” or particular directory, clicking on any is simple and self explanatory then you backup your website/directory.

This is how to back up your website in cpanel. If you have any question, need further help or there is anything you don't understand you can reply this thread.
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