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Latesha Alvarado

Latesha Alvarado

Lives in Ottana, Italy · Born on May 3
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May 3
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November 25, 2020
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About Me
mcleodhealth.orgI used to
drag out of bed in the morning and keep myself going on caffeine and vitamins take-out.
Not good, sportsmedicine I know.

But last year, I decided that I was tired of
being tired.
I wanted more energy, better nutrition…I wanted to feel

Then a friend introduced me to Shaklee nutrition – starting with
the foundation of a multivitamin and a protein.

I gave myself 30 days and by the end of that time…I did feel better.
I was able to give more of myself to the things that were important to me --- my family, my hobbies, and
my community commitments.

I was able to “show up” as my best self.
Now I am helping others find their own nutrition plan.

I’d love to help you feel better to. visit the link below

my page; health