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michael bedwell

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Lives in  Delaware United States · Born on May 8
michael bedwell
What is payment aggregation?
Payment aggregation (or shopping cart aggregator) is a payment method that allows you to pay for the goods of different merchants in one transaction. The main advantage here is that you can compare pr...
michael bedwell
What Are Card Not Present (CNP) Transactions and Why Do...
Card not present (CNP) transactions are those in which the cardholder is not physically present when the purchase is made. This could be, for example, a purchase made over the phone or online. CNP tra...
michael bedwell
What Are Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)?
Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) are a numbering system that merchants and financial institutions may use to identify the primary business of an organization. MCCs can be four digits long and help deter...
michael bedwell
What does partial authorization mean?
Partial authorization means that an insurer will only pay the in-network cost of a service, leaving patients personally responsible for any balance, or "balance bill". What's the difference between pa...
michael bedwell
What Is Merchant Services – What Does it Include?
What is merchant services? It refers to the financial services that are designed for businesses to use. It includes electronic payment management for businesses. Such types of electronic transactions ...