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5 useful tools if you love reading

Hello, my name is Robert, I am a professional writer who provides essay help for students. As an essay writer I have to read a lot, so in this article, I prepared for you the list of 5 useful tools for those who love reading.

Reading is a very good way how to spend your leisure time. There are a lot of advantages of reading. It will be very good if you will read regularly. It can improve your vocabulary and creativity. In books you can find a lot of new and interesting information. If you like to spend your spare time in peace, you know how to enjoy the reading. The book lover is a person that knows how to get satisfaction from holding a book in his hands. These moments are very unique to them. Nevertheless, nowadays there are a lot of advantages of online reading. Let’s get to know it!
Thanks to new technologies, it’s becoming easier and more interesting to read some books. There is no need carrying heavy books or spend huge sums of money in the bookstores. With the help of tablets and smartphones we can make our life better. In this article you will find some apps that can help you to improve reading skills.
1. Literary Analysis Guide
If you feel a lack of knowledge, the understanding of the literature components is very important. In this app you will find a lot of examples and definitions about poetry and other things. It will be your helping hand if you need to write a research paper or essay. Also, you will be surprised, when you will see that there is the text analysis for better understanding.
2. Read Me
This app you can use on Android and iOS. It’s like a real book. What I love with this application, is that it helps to read faster. There are different speeds. One more advantage is that app helps you to sort your bestie books by date, name, author, etc. What is more that you will have a free access to online books thanks to the simple interface.
3. Icecream eBook Reader
In this app you will find such interesting options, as adding and organizing books on your computer. There you can use different formats of e-books, such as epub, mobi, fb2, pdf, cbr, and cbz.
4. Calibre
This application is both e-book reader and e-book library. With the help of this app, you can edit books and make your own collections. Also, there you can convert different formats.
5. Bookviser
Bookviser is the best app for Windows platform. In this application you will find a lot of free books. Also, you can find some catalogs, such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg and Smashword. In these catalogs you will find a lot of books.
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