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How to recover the Yahoo account via phone number?

Are you looking forward to reset yahoo password without recovery email Luckily, we have landed on the right page. Users who want to recover their accounts can either use their mobile number or complete the authentication process by answering some security questions. Anyway, in this blog, we will try to shed light on both these recovery modes.

Here’s how can you recoup Yahoo account password via mobile number

● The first thing you need to do is to visit the Yahoo Sign-in Helper page.
● Enter your email address and hit the continue tab.
● Now you need to select the option- click Yes, text me an Account Key. In case, if you failed to receive the account key on this number then click I don't have access to this phone.
● Nevertheless, if you get successful in receiving the account key then head over to the option called Verify that you have this phone and enter the account key in a given field.
● Click Verify then you will be routed to the password recovery page and you can create the new password.

Similarly, the user can also recover their password by answering some security questions. In order to opt for this recovery option, open the sign-in helper page and then click I don't remember password option. The next thing you need to do is to type the email address and press the enter key. Doing this will leads you to options for password recovery. Among all the choices, you need to select the security questions.

Come to live chat platform to discuss your queries in real-time with experts

Yahoo customer care is one of the kind customer help desks that provides a flexible communication platform to the users. Experts are eager to hear from you. To contact them, you can either use a voice call or instant chat option.
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