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Reasons to Get Outside

As the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer, there are so many reasons to go play outside. Whether you watch a sporting event or play in one, opportunities for fun in the sun are endless. Your body and your mind experience real benefits from being outside as well. Here are six great reasons to get outside this summer.

Take a Hike
Taking a hike in a nature preserve or even going on a long rambling walk through your neighborhood are great reasons to enjoy the great outdoors. Walking has great health benefits, like building stronger bones and reduced risk of heart disease. It also gives you an opportunity to explore the world around you. You’ll get a chance to see scenery, native plants and animals that you otherwise wouldn’t get to experience. There’s a peace and serenity that comes along with talking a walk as well, which is why it’s associated with decreased stress levels.

It’s Good For Your Health
Spending time in the great outdoors is extremely beneficial to your health. A lot of times being outdoorsy means exercising, but there are many health benefits of sunlight in and of itself. Sunlight can improve your sleep, reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. It can even help you sleep better. Getting vitamin D is also another great benefit of catching some rays. Vitamin D helps keep bones and muscles healthy. Just make sure to wear sunblock if you’re spending time in direct sunlight!

Food Tastes Better Outside
If you want to enjoy the great outdoors without engaging in physical activity, head to a restaurant with a great patio or go for a picnic. Spending time in an outside setting while eating can be a fun change of pace, especially after spending the winter cooped up indoors. Nothing beats fresh air while dining. Studies have even shown that eating outdoors can actually decrease stress levels and decrease muscle tension.

Spend Some Time on the Water
Whether it’s a river, lake or ocean, all the best bodies of water happen to be outside. Water also has the ability to relieve stress. Just like spending time in other aspects of nature, water can help you relax and heal. Go for a boat ride or spend time sitting on the beach. If you enjoy staying active, try kayaking or paddle boarding. Finishing, clam digging and scalloping are all great ways to enjoy the water as well. A lot like hiking, you might see some beautiful wildlife you wouldn’t get to experience otherwise as well. No matter which body of water you choose, you’ll leave the day with that unique relaxation that comes especially from spending the day by the water.

Play a Sport or Watch One
Getting outdoorsy can mean playing a team sport. Sign-up for a volleyball or soccer league and meet new friends. There are so many physical and mental benefits to team sports. You don’t have to be an expert either! Many communities offer leagues for the novice and are just about having fun. If you’re not the type to play a sport, go watch one. Going to a professional baseball or soccer game is a great summer activity and tickets are typically relatively inexpensive. Being outdoors with other fans leads to great camaraderie and a good time.

Try a GPS Location-Based Game
GPS location-based games are on the rise and a really fun way to spend time outside exploring your city. Games like Cluedupp, whose slogan is, “turning cities into playgrounds,” allows you to solve a muder mystery on a team of friends by visiting different sites in your city. The game uses GPS software and an app to allow you to interact with the game and your natural surroundings. Games like this and Pokemon Go are rising in popularity and a great reason to get outside and explore your own backyard.

There are so many good reasons to get outside and spend some fun in the sun this year!
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