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How to find your doppelganger via the Internet?

Many of us must have had an interesting thought: is there a person in the world who looks like us? There is a scientific point of view that everyone has at least seven doubles similar in appearance. Not a bad number, right?

There is absolutely no doubt about it. It is enough to recall many stories from the life of famous artists, when concerts were given in different cities and countries at the same time. The fact that instead of a real artist were doubles, the audience did not guess: the similarity was colossal. And it was almost impossible to see who was on the stage from the audience. Let's leave the moment of profit aside, but the very fact of the existence of people similar to the artist is obvious.

The reasons for this incredible phenomenon lie in the similar combinatorics of genes, distant relationship or identical emotional reactions that affect the development of facial muscles. Why do people look for doubles? The answer to this question is simple: someone wonders if there is a person somewhere with the same facial features, and for someone, looking like a media personality is the best way to raise self-esteem.

The find fast people is easy: the availability of various online services simplifies the search procedure. To do this, you only need uninterrupted access to the Internet and your high-quality photo.

Finding a double by photo for free online is a task that is of interest to almost everyone. Considering that accidentally meeting your double on the street is from the realm of fantasy. Modern IT technologies make it possible today to find your double with the help of specially designed facial identification programs, as they say, without getting up from the couch. When you find a doppelgänger on the Internet, you will be amazed at the search results. After all, just imagine that your twin could be, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Audrey Hepburn.

To search for twins by photo among celebrities, just select the appropriate service and upload your image from your computer. Then the program will start searching. Within a few seconds, it will give the result. However, before using such services, you should pay attention to the following points:

no resource requires sending SMS;
some Internet sites may require payment for searches;
to find a double on some services, you need to register in the system.

If some web portal offers to send SMS, we advise you to close the page, because before you are scammers. You will not receive anything other than the money debited from your mobile account.

It is best to use services with a proven and reliable reputation than to trust unknown sites. Below we will look at what free services you can use to find your twin.

Online services will help you find a double among famous people
The main tool that is used when searching for a person similar to us is special online network services. Uploading a high-quality picture will allow you to quickly find similar people. If the uploaded photo is fuzzy, blurry, then the service will either not find a suitable person, or the result will be unsatisfactory.

Using the following resources to search for a twin, you can easily find a twin:

Scien cehunter . The main mission of the service is to combine science and practice. On our site you can find your twin for free and quickly. It can be both a media person and an ordinary person. The search is carried out by face recognition using a special program. To do this, drag your high quality image or upload a photo from your computer, select a gender and wait for the result. The system is clearly debugged, so failures in the program are excluded.

Find face . Created by Russian developers, this service is now considered a good resource for face recognition. Most of the search is focused on the social network Vkontakte. The service is based on FaceN technology, which is based on neural networks. The functioning of the resource is quite simple: you need to go to the official website of the system, click on the "Find the same" button, upload a photo. In a moment, the site will give the result. If you wish, you can download the application to your phone and at any convenient time try to find a double on the Internet. Available for smartphones on the Android operating system.

Pictriev site . _ If most of the web portals perform the function of searching for twins, then here you can not only find a twin by photo online (mostly celebrities), but also determine the age and gender of the person in the image. It should be noted that the quality of the issued result is not always at the proper level. However, this server has a nuance: you can upload photos online only if their size does not exceed 200 KB. A clear interface and site navigation make it easy to find similar people. After going to the site, click on the Upload image button to upload a photo from a PC. Another option is to provide a link to social networks with uploaded photos. As soon as everything is ready, the system will start the analysis. It remains to wait for the result with the estimated gender, age and celebrity you look like.

Twin Strangers . The service was particularly famous for its recent Facebook campaign, the purpose of which was to search online for similar people around the world. The Twin Strangers service for searching for doubles implies the creation of an account. After that, you will need to indicate the distinctive features of your face and upload a couple of photos. The web resource will automatically start searching for matches in the existing database. But this site has two significant nuances: the search is conducted only among users registered in the system, and access to the system itself is provided only after payment.

I Look Like You . The English-language resource is somewhat similar to the previous Twin Strangers: the program will identify a person similar to you if he is registered on the platform. However, the search will only be conducted among English-speaking users. To start the search, you need to pre-register in the system. After that, click on the "From computer" button and specify the path to the image on the disk for the resource. Next, you need to check the box next to the phrase “I confirm this is a photo of myself” (by this you confirm the authenticity of your photo), and then click on “Confirm selected face” and look for a twin. As a result, the system will return a result with a high percentage of matches with another person.

Another good way to find someone similar to you is Microsoft's own Face API. The innovative system allows not only to recognize a human face, but also to find people with similar facial features. If you are interested in automation anywhere linkedin, follow the link to learn more.

How to find your double by photo for free online using groups in social networks?
For those who do not want to use any of the above services, you can use the search and find a similar celebrity or other person through social networks. Every day, millions of users visit such popular sites as Twitter, Facebook.

The algorithm of actions here is simple: you post a photo in the public domain until one of the visitors notices a similarity between you. Another option is to search for yourself and compare yourself with people who have also uploaded photos to the community, since there is no automatic search in groups. At the same time, it is recommended to participate in discussions, comment on posts, photos. In short, to take an active part in the life of the community. Plus, it's a great way to meet new people and add someone you like as a friend.

Those who prefer the Vkontakte network more can try to find a double among famous people in the game "Twins - who looks like you." Also, you can always share the funny result with your friends and have fun.

Search for a double on the Internet through a search engine
You can find a person similar to yourself not only using online services or social networks: search engines will help you find a twin. The functionality of search engines is so huge that they are considered the best way to find a person similar to you on the Web.

To do this, select trusted search engines - Google or Bing. The Google search order is as follows:
go to the "Pictures" tab;
click on the camera icon and upload the file from the PC;
then click "Browse", indicate to the system the path to the images on the computer and upload the photo.

Next, the system looks for similar photos from the network. As soon as Google finds the right person from the photo, it will give the finished result.

Bing search engines work in a similar way.
The disadvantage of searching for a twin from a photo on the Internet is that the accuracy of matches is relatively low, it all depends on the quality of the image. For example, if you are the owner of long hair, then at your request the program can issue people with similar hair. Unfortunately, the similarity ends there.

Despite the fact that search engines are constantly improving, a search by image can not always give out exactly your double. Thus, among the found people, the percentage of similarity is almost minimal. Therefore, if you want to see your copy, it is advisable to use special services.

Photo Requirements
We have already noted above that two main conditions are imposed on the uploaded photo - quality and size. Regardless of the search method used, these two requirements must be met. In addition, when uploading a photo, be sure to consider the following parameters:

format - jpeg or jpg;
high resolution (dpi);
the face in the picture should be in full face;
the image must not contain other people, houses, trees, etc.

To bring the photo to the required parameters, you can use the Photoshop program. To do this, it is not necessary to be an advanced user: minimal knowledge is enough. In addition, there are a lot of instructions on the Internet on how to use a graphics program.

In this article, we tried to consider the most popular and proven online services for finding twins. Of course, this is not the whole list, there are a lot of such resources.
You can find your double not only on the Internet. We advise you to pay attention to the international festival of doubles. On TV, you can often see a show where a real parade of doubles of famous artists is held. Anyone can participate in such an event, you just need to send an application in advance.
If you decide to try one of the services presented above, we recommend reading the reviews. You should not register on dubious sites, especially send SMS. Nothing but deceit awaits you.
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