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And the bots play really well in FC 24

And the bots play really well in EAFC 24 Coins, it's not so easy to outplay them. Skills against the bots are as ineffective as a Neymar in defence.

Drop-Ins was revised in FIFA 22 and is of course also included in FC 24. In this game mode you go with your pro into a Pro Clubs game with randoms. If none of your mates have time or you just don't have any friends, this is exactly the right mode for you, because here you also get the XP for successful actions.

Otherwise, Drop-Ins is rather boring, because the randoms from your team will never pass the ball and generally always play rubbish. At first glance, the Pogba SBC looks overpriced.

Paul Pogba's TOTY Flashback SBC celebrates his strong 2016 season with Juventus Turin. Who still remembers Prime Pogba? The guy was so much fun to watch back then. In FC 24, his TOTY Flashback is now available as a Squad Building Challenge, but is this SBC worth all the coins? We'll tell you!

Pogba is, after Sergio Ramos, the second TOTY Flashback SBC in FC 24. The content is really good anyway! The TOTY is in the packs, the TOTY Icon Team 2 is there and there are several cool SBCs. Don't forget to complete the Daily Login SBC, a friendly reminder at this point.

But if you take a closer look and compare his stats with similar cards, you will notice that Pogba has a good value. But we'll have more detailed stats on that in a moment. First of all, Pogba himself: He has 5-star skills, great all-round ratings and he can get Lengthy with the right chemistry style.

The only question now is whether the Pogba TOTY Flashback SBC is worth it in terms of value for coins. We think the Pogba TOTY Flashback SBC is worth it! Yes, the SBC is expensive, but one gets a Gullit gang member who has the following stats with a Shadow:

Pogba can be used in EAFC 24 Coins for sale any position in central midfield. Be it as a CDM, CM or CAM. We would probably prefer him as a CDM to be honest.
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