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Topic: Politics

Matt Davida
The 6 Most Memorable News Stories of 2020
While every year has major events, 2020 seemingly had more big news stories than years past. Here are some of the most memorable things that happened in 2020. 1. The Impeachment of Donald Trump The y...
Topics: news, politics, stories
Chas Goldberg
Where Is 'Jurnalul National' Published
The 'Jurnalul National' is a news corporation that is based in the country of Romania. The corporation's official site regularly posts updates on national and international news. What is the duration ...
Elisabeth Waldron
Where To Find Free Typefaces, Ransom Note Style
What Is a Ransom Note Effect? When kidnappers hold a child or important, connected person hostage, they often send a ransom note to the child’s parents, authorities or others in a position to respond....
Norma Freitag
The Truth Behind The Integrity Of George Washington And...
President's Day is a legal holiday on the United States. This day commemorates the lives of our first president, George Washington, and our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. Both of these men were...
The True Meaning of Memorial Day by Paul Chehade.
The True Meaning of Memorial Day by Paul Chehade. On this Memorial Day, let us remember those who gave their lives to safeguard freedom by Paul Chehade. What are you doing this Memorial Day? Will yo...