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Linda Ween
Wicked Problems
People in modern world face many problems which can’t be solved easily, sometimes they don’t like school system of education, and sometimes they don’t like public health care or work of police. These ...
Topics: article, problems, social
Hridoy Ahmed
Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Isolation
While most of us practice social distancing and are no longer able to go out to run errands, work, and see friends in real life, it’s no surprise that lately we’ve seen our IMVU community grow faster ...
Topics: game, social
Matt Davida
4 Ways to Make Money & Friends
Money and friends are two important things we all need. Money pays the bills, of course, and friends keep us healthy, happy and enjoying our lives to the fullest. Nowadays, a plethora of opportunitie...
Topics: business, social, friends
Business Coaching for Business Improvement
Business coaching can actually bring the much-desired changes for your small company. Coach can be really just a word that's derived from"kocsi", a Hungarian title meaning"carriage". To day, however, ...
Topics: social, contest
Paul Chehade - New Year Message - New Year History
Paul Chehade - New Year Message - New Year History Best Wishes for Peace and Joy this Holiday Season And a New Year of Health, Happiness and Prosperity Best regards, Paul Chehade:. - New Year Me...